Let the Sunshine In: Selecting the Perfect Glass for Your Exterior Door


As the days grow longer and the weather becomes warmer, updating your exterior doors with the right glass can transform your home into a sunlit oasis. This summer, consider both aesthetic and functional aspects of your door’s glass to enhance your home’s natural lighting and embrace the season's vibe. Here’s your guide to picking the perfect glass that complements those sunny days.

Considerations for a Sun-Filled Home:

Clear Glass

Nothing says summer like basking in the glow of natural sunlight. Clear glass options like Feather River's Clear Low-E glass maximize indoor light, making spaces appear larger and more inviting—a perfect match for summer. The sheer transparency not only amplifies the visual space but also seamlessly connects your indoor environment with the outdoors. It allows you to enjoy sweeping views of your surroundings, turning a simple doorway into a picturesque frame of your yard or garden.

Decorative Glass

Add a touch of summer flair with decorative glass. Feather River's decorative glass options, such as the Sena™ and Medina® collections are excellent ways to infuse personality and style into your home while maintaining privacy. Our variety of glass collections are each rated with a privacy scale. Designs like Carmel™ offer a lower privacy rating, ideal for letting more light in while creating playful light effects that bring a vibrant and dynamic summer energy inside.

Mini Blinds

For those seeking versatility in light control and privacy, Feather River offers doors with internal mini blinds. These blinds are neatly enclosed between glass panes, which allows for easy adjustment without the need for cleaning. This feature is perfect for controlling the amount of sunlight entering your home and for ensuring privacy when needed. The convenience of adjustable blinds is especially beneficial in areas of your home that face direct sunlight, allowing you to enjoy the summer days without compromising on comfort.

Upgrading your home with the right door this summer not only enhances your curb appeal but also invites the joy and brightness of the season inside. Whether you choose clear glass, decorative glass, or doors with mini blinds, your door can be a focal point that blends functionality with the carefree spirit of summer. Dive into the season with a refreshed entryway that celebrates the warmth and whimsy of these sun-filled months. Embrace the opportunity to bring light, privacy, and style together, creating a welcoming atmosphere that lasts all year long.


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