Jun 29, 2016

Fiberglass Mahogany Doors – Better Than the Real Thing

Feather River Mahogany Doors Are Stunning, Superior to Wood

A home’s front door is the structure’s calling card. It defines a house’s personality. There are things homeowners may skimp on, but the look of the front door is not one of them. 

For generations, the rich look of a mahogany exterior door was the definition of style and resilience. That’s still the case for many homeowners. 

So what’s better than the look of an exotic mahogany wood door? It’s a beautiful Feather River hand-stained mahogany fiberglass door.

Why do our exterior mahogany doors looks so good, so genuine? It starts with research. We travelled to the forests of Belize to study the Mara species of mahogany tree. We cast impressions of the tree’s unique woodgrain pattern. And we spent months experimenting with the subtle colors that define a classic mahogany door.

The result – a manufacturing process that produces a line of mahogany doors that mirror the real thing. Even better, a Feather River mahogany door has the low maintenance, energy efficiency and durability you expect from a fiberglass door.

We have the high-quality fiberglass mahogany doors owners desire to add personalized curb appeal to their homes. 
  • Dozens of options from which to choose – a selection of unique styles, multiple sizes, and a wide variety of sidelight and glass configurations
  • 3 stain finishes – Cherry Mahogany, Chocolate Mahogany, Chestnut Mahogany
  • Hand staining to accentuate the warm color variations found in real wood
  • Hand-stained PVC jambs to match the door

Learn more about Feather River’s stunning mahogany exterior doors and see which one is right for your home.  

Preston® Zinc ¾ Lite Door and Sidelites in Cherry Mahogany style

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Jun 17, 2016

A Great Door Keeps The Weather Out

Our Energy-Efficient Doors Keep the Heat Out in Summer, Cold Out in Winter

Want another great reason to upgrade to a fiberglass exterior door? According to Consumer Reports, when it comes to insulating performance, fiberglass (and even steel) doors are superior to wood.

At Feather River Doors, many of our doors are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they exceed the minimum energy efficiency criteria for the climate region you live in, according to independent testers.

Our doors not only contain high-quality polyurethane foam cores, they’re built to be energy efficient in other important ways – built-in compression weather stripping, a composite adjustable threshold to minimize that gap between door and floor, and a bottom sweep to help seal out the elements.

Not only are Feather River doors constructed to be energy efficient, so is our glass. Most of our stunning glass designs are constructed from double-pane or even triple-pane insulated glass, delivering year-round comfort.

A Feather River fiberglass door is a beautiful way to keep the cool air in right now, or save on heating bills during Winter.

Learn more about how Feather River Doors can add curb appeal and energy-efficiency to your home.

Monroe™ Zinc with Amber glass Craftsman Door and Sidelines with dentil shelves in Chestnut Mahogany finish

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Shop online anytime here at Home Depot.
Can't find it online?  Special Order it at your local Home Depot. Just go in and see a Millwork (door) department associate.

May 30, 2016

Thank you to all of our servicemen and women!

Feather River Doors is thankful for all the women and men who have sacrificed their lives in service of our country.  Please have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day!