Discover the Charm of Patio Doors: Perfect Views for Summer Days


As summer beckons with its long, sun-drenched days and gentle breezes, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home with patio doors that blend style, functionality, and a touch of whimsy. Feather River’s diverse array of patio doors offers something for every taste, featuring stunning glass designs that elevate your home’s aesthetic while meeting practical needs. Let’s delve into some standout options that could transform the way you relish the summer views.

French Patio Door Options: A Vision of Elegance

For homeowners seeking to infuse their spaces with openness and light while maintaining a seamless flow between indoors and out, exploring clear French patio doors presents an ideal solution. These doors embody classic elegance and are renowned for their ability to enhance visual connectivity with the outdoors, making them a perfect addition to any summer-oriented home design.

Wrought Iron Glass Collections: Bellante™ and Torino™

Add an element of sophisticated artistry to your home with the Wrought Iron Glass Collections. The Bellante™ and Torino™ designs feature intricate, wrought iron work set between layers of glass, providing not only privacy but also a striking decorative element. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or a cool evening drink, enjoying the privacy these patterns offer while still basking in the natural light that filters through their detailed designs.

Decorative Glass Options: A Touch of Elegance

For those who appreciate a bit more flair, Feather River’s Decorative Glass options are a must-see. Collections like the Phoenix™ offer a privacy rating of 8, ensuring seclusion without sacrificing style. These doors are perfect for those leisurely summer evenings when you want to enjoy the comfort of your living space while still feeling connected to the outside world. The detailed glasswork adds a luxurious touch that complements any home decor.

Mini Blind Integrated Doors: Convenience Meets Style

Effortlessly manage the sunlight entering your home with a simple touch. Feather River's Mini Blind doors are designed with integrated blinds between the glass panes, providing a streamlined and efficient solution for controlling light and privacy. These blinds are effortlessly adjustable and require no cleaning, merging practicality with contemporary style. Perfect for days filled with sunshine, these doors enable you to fine-tune the natural light and atmosphere of your room, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Obscure Glass: Subtly Stylish

For those seeking a balance between privacy and natural light, the Obscure Glass options are an excellent choice. With designs like Cross Reed and Cord, which provide a privacy rating of 8, these glass types let in plenty of light while obscuring the interior view from the outside. They are perfect for rooms that face busy streets or neighbors, allowing you to enjoy the summer light without compromising on privacy.

The Bottom Line

Feather River's patio doors not only elevate your home’s style but also enhance your living experience, making every glance through the glass a moment of beauty. Whether it’s the intricate patterns of the Wrought Iron collections, the refined touch of the Decorative Glass, the practical elegance of Mini Blinds, or the soft diffusion of light through Obscure Glass, there’s a design to fulfill every desire.

Upgrade your home with Feather River's patio doors and turn your living space into a serene retreat perfect for enjoying all the joys of summer, from the first morning light to the lingering twilight hours.

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