Feather River Doors High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) Doors: Style Meets Security


When it comes to protecting homes from the ferocious winds and perilous debris of hurricanes, particularly in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ), the quality of your exterior doors is paramount. Feather River Doors, a name synonymous with excellence in door manufacturing, focuses exclusively on fiberglass doors, engineered to offer supreme protection without compromising on aesthetic appeal. This blog post highlights Feather River's fiberglass door offerings, including impact-rated choices and sidelites, providing a blend of safety, functionality, and style.

Understanding HVHZ Certification

HVHZ doors are specifically engineered to withstand the extreme winds and flying debris associated with hurricanes, primarily in regions like Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward counties, where such natural phenomena are most frequent. The certification process for these doors is rigorous, ensuring they meet the highest standards of durability and impact resistance.

The Superiority of Feather River Fiberglass Doors

Feather River has refined its impact rated door line to specialize in fiberglass doors, recognizing the material's outstanding properties for HVHZ applications. Fiberglass doors are celebrated for their durability, energy efficiency, and ability to replicate the warm, inviting look of wood without the associated maintenance challenges. These doors resist warping, rotting, and corrosion, making them an ideal choice for homes in hurricane-prone areas.

Impact-Rated Glass: A Shield of Safety

A crucial feature of Feather River's fiberglass doors is the option to incorporate impact-rated glass. This glass is designed to withstand the forces of a hurricane, ensuring the integrity of the door and the safety of the home's occupants. Impact-rated glass is a testament to Feather River's commitment to providing doors that offer both protection and peace of mind.

Expanding Possibilities with Sidelites and Decorative Patio Doors

Feather River's customization options extend beyond the main entry door. Homeowners can choose to add sidelites with glass, enhancing the entryway's visual impact while increasing natural light inside the home. Like the door's main glass, sidelites can also be fitted with impact-rated glass, ensuring the entire entry system offers uniform protection against hurricanes.

Feather River's commitment to excellence is evident in its fiberglass door offerings for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Homeowners have a variety of styles to choose from, each capable of being enhanced with impact-rated glass for superior protection. Investing in a Feather River fiberglass door means choosing a product that protects your home while elevating its aesthetic and value.


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