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Sweet Iris

A very special email landed in our inbox a few days ago. This is one of the most touching emails we've gotten from a customer. It is stories like this that reminds us why we do what we do.

"Almost 10 yrs ago my father passed away. My mother could not take care of herself. My husband and I sold our house and added onto hers, since she didn't want to move. I tried everything to get her involved to no avail. One afternoon during the planning process, she came to me and handed me a Home Depot  advertisement showing the stained glass Iris door. We made a few cutbacks (no hardwood flooring upstairs) so that we could get this door and its matching sidelights. The construction was completed before the door even came in. 

I must say – it was ALL worth it. 

This is door is the most beautiful door I have ever seen – better than doors on multi-million dollar homes. It also has lasted through 4 kids & their multitude of friends constantly streaming in and out. EVERYONE comments on it…

Updated Exterior Door Catalog

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