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Easy Way to Paint Your Front Door

Sometimes, it makes sense to take the easy way. We have carefully selected 14 paint colors to suit your personality and style to compliments your home. Read for more information about our Pre-Paint Program. DURABLE FINISH: Our 4 coat spray process begins with 1 coat of primer followed by 3 coats of paint. Each coat is then sent through a drying oven for a durable baked on finish.*TWO-COLOR OPTION: You have the option to choose two separate colors for the exterior and the interior of your door in order to best suit your home's decor.ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our paint process utilizes water based paints and the latest "green technology" spray equipment to help reduce solvent emissions that help promote better air quality and a greener environment.FINISH WARRANTY: Our pre-painted doors come with an industry leading 2 Year Finish Warranty. All of our doors are supplied with a touch up bottle.Please visit the Home DepotMillwork Specialist or contact our Customer Service repr…

Customize Your Door with Confidence

The ability to customize is crucial to make your door a 'one-of-a-kind' for your home. What makes this easier is having a tool to show you what the door and glass options are and how your home will look with the door of your choice. 
Door Builder is a tool that lets you look through all the door and glass design options and allows you to try them on a house style similar to yours. It simplifies the customization process by taking you on a one-by-one process; size and configuration requirements, door styles, glass design to options. With a 'home view' function, it will show you how your customized door will look on a house. 
There is a Door Builder for whatever type of door you are looking for: exteriorentryinterior andpatiodoors. Give it a try to see how fun and easy it is to customize with confidence.
Entryway view:
Curbside view: 

--------------- If you need assistance during your use, our customer service representative are easily accessible with a click of  a '…