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Before and After: Lakewood

Even a beautiful home can enjoy the benefits of a door upgrade. Our Lakewood entry door helped increase the curb appeal of Doug and Cheryl's already handsome house. Here they share the before and after photos of their home.

"...we installed the new Lakewood door last week. It made a huge difference and we love it. Every person coming to visit cannot get over the change. It really brings out the curb appeal and changes the entire entrance."

"...we wanted to let you know how far this door and its delivery exceeded all of our expectations. The web site was easy to navigate and we knew ahead of time exactly what design we wanted and its specs. The packaging on the delivery was fantastic with the door completely protected in a wood surround. The entire door , head and sill were just spotless and perfect."

Thank you Doug & Cheryl for sharing with us! Your house looks fantastic and we're glad to be of your service.

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Painting Doors

Should you find yourself needing to paint multiple doors at once, use this helpful tip from TOH.

#13. Door Stack-Drying Trick
We wanted to paint all 20 doors in the house, but where do you put them while they're wet? By screwing short 2x4 blocks to the ends, we were able to paint both sides of each door and then stack them neatly while they dried. Just make sure to keep the same spacing between every pair of blocks.  

If you want an easier way - Check out Feather River Door's Pre-Paint Program.