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Before & After

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Doors can transform your home. Entryways become more welcoming with a new entry door and your room becomes inviting with a new interior door. Patio doors can really open up spaces. Look around your home and imagine how a new door might transform your spaces.

Inspiration Friday: Interior Doors

Interior doors are great design elements for the interior of your home. They can anchor the room or become a focal point. Interior doors can be used for any room in the house...

Your office

Your Bathroom

Your Bedroom

Escape to Your Backyard

When the day feels long, it is nice to open up the patio door(s) and take in a moment to relax or have a casual meal with friends or family.

There is enough on your plate - let Feather River Doors give you a peace of mind with our fiberglass patio doors which does not rot, dent or rust and are now offered at new lower prices.

Carmel in Smooth White fiberglass patio door

9 Lite V-groove in Painted fiberglass patio doors

15 lite Clear Bevel in Medium Oak fiberglass patio doors

First Impression

Entry door to a home sets the first impression. Whether it is a decorative glass entry door, a panel entry door or a colorful front door, let it reflect the person who lives inside - You.

The General Chocolate Mahogany finish

6 Panel in Smooth White with Rainfall Sidelite

Preston in Naval; prepainted

Quality Counts

If you're thinking about upgrading your home, be sure to invest in good design, quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Potential homebuyers possess sophisticated taste and it'll pay off when the time comes to sell your home.

When seeing a house, the front door makes a big first impression. Beautiful design of Feather River Door's entry door will showcase the rest of your home.

Interior doors can accent the decorative elements of the house and complement the personality of your home. Classic and elegant French Patio Door can wrap up the tour nicely on a positive note.

Sunblock your Door

Feather River Door's Medina in Smooth White

As summer approaches, we stock up on sunscreen and pull out the sunglasses. Sun protection is important, and remember that your door needs some, too.

Apply a coat of protective polyurethane with UV inhibitors to protect the finishes on your entry door or other exterior doors to keep them looking good.

Feather River Door's come with a 2 year Finish Warranty, but natural appearance of the doors are best kept when it's applied with protection every 2 to 3 years depending on the amount of exposure.

Please make a note before it gets too sunny!

Our Picks for Mom

Have you thought about giving your mom a brand new door for mother's day? You can surprise her with...

A painted entry door to brighten her entryway:

A French Patio Door to upgrade her backyard:

A Decorative Interior Door for her office:

or her kitchen:

or any of her favorite room:

You can bring her roses:
or Sweet Iris to her front steps:

With Feather River Door's 15% off Special Order* Promotion going on currently at The Home Depot, it is the perfect opportunity to surprise mom this Sunday.

Take a look at our wide range of door designs to see what your mom will like.

* Please note Special Orders take 2 weeks.