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Take Your Pick

Silverdale 3/4 Oval Entry Door & 3/4 Sidelites in Chocolate Mahogany w/ a Rectagular Transom

2 Panel Exterior Door in Chocolate Mahogany & Torino Sidelite

Preston Craftsman Rectangle Entry Door & Full Sidelites w/ a Rectangular Transom

6 Panel Entry Door & Hammered Full lite Sidelites in Medium Oak
Medina 3/4 Oval Exterior Door in Smooth White

6 Panel Exterior Door in Smooth White

Feather River Door's fiberglass exterior doors come in different sizes, finishes, designs and configurations.
[top row: cherry mahogany, chocolate mahogany; middle row: burgundy oak, light oak, medium oak; bottom row: unfinished, smooth white]
Our houses are different and unique. Some need a single entry door with utilitarian appearance while others are suited best with decorative entry door and sidelites.
Depending on the architectural style of your home and your style preference, we have the entry door to suit your home.
Look through our collections and take your pick.

Pantry Door for a Happy Kitchen

Feather River Interior Door's Pantry Door Theme Collection
We received a wonderful email today.
"... I want to thank you for the beautiful "Theme Collection - Pantry door" I received. Every time I go in the kitchen I'm so happy to see my door. Excellent work and workmanship."
Thank you, Jacqueline, for sharing with us!

Wood Grain Finish

Feather River Door's fiberglass entry doors have an appearance of real wood grains. It is detailed, unique and hand-stained to achieve a distinguishable look. Take a look at the photo - can you tell that it is not real wood?
Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Medium Oak

Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Burgandy Oak

Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Unfinished

Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Light Oak
Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Cherry Mahogany
Feather River Door's Exterior Door in Chocolate Mahogany

Inspiration Friday: French Patio Doors

{image from: Sunset, CountryLiving}
Natural light floods your room as you read & a cooling breeze flows in freely. You can hear the kids as they play in the backyard.
Or, you are entertaining your friends for a weekend BBQ. Trays of food and refreshments are carried in and out from the kitchen to the table on the yard...
Sounds lovely, right?
Nothing beats a French Patio door for your home. It is elegant and functional - making it great for everyday living and entertaining guests.
Feather River Door's fiberglass Patio Doors are not only secure and durable, it is beautifully adorn with hand-crafted decorative glass. They're also paintable.
Take a look as you picture your sunny day.

Tall Doors

{Atherton Collection in Medium Oak}

{Carmel Collection in Smooth White}

I find a tall entry door absolutely striking. A 7' or 8' front door can create a sense of magnificence and definitely demands attention.
For homeowners with tall entry doors - Did you know we have an extensive offering of 7' and 8' Fiberglass Exterior Door Collection? Not only do we offer Traditional Panel designs, we also carry Decorative designs, too.
Take a look at our catalog on pg. 34 or browse our Exterior Door Builder for all your options.