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Feather River Door's Solution...

Feather River Door wants to make it easy for you to find a right entry door for your home.

Price Solution, our interactive tool, helps you find a door at the price you're looking for. There is no guess work involved. Select your door style and price range. Browse through the selection of doors and choose the door you like! It is extremely easy and extremely helpful.

Let Price Solution guide you to a right door today.

Why Feather River Door?

1. High Performance & Durability
Feather River Door's fiberglass exterior doors never rot, rust or dent. Sill key system provides protection against jamb rot and Ball bearing hinges prevent door sag for longer lasting performance. Limited air and water infiltration is another benefit brought on with Composite Adjustable Threshold and Door Sweep.
2. Energy Efficiency
Most of Feather River Door's exterior doors are Energy Star qualified. Fiberglass door with CFC Free Polyurethane Insulation Foam Core provides increased insulation and is environmentally friendly.
3. Increased Curb Appeal
Hand stained door finishes resemble real wood with unique woodgrain details and hand crafted decorative glasses are unbeatable in beauty.

One Entry Door, Two Colors - Feather River Door's Pre-Paint Program

Did you know that with the Feather River Door's Pre-Paint Program, you can choose dual colors for your front door?

If you want a bright red front door, but isn't sure how it'll match your interior home decor, you don't need to worry. You can choose a different paint color for the inside of your door from the 12 options available!
It is another way we, at Feather River Door, try to make it convenient and easy for you to enjoy a colorful front door.

Can you tell the difference?

Take a look at Feather River Door's Cherry Mahogany Door with Silverdale glass. High quality fiberglass doors successfully imitate real wood. Our fiberglass doors offer some of the most beautiful exterior doors with its deep and rich stains. They are perfect for new homes and remodeling older homes. Fiberglass doors will not warp, rot or bow and they're excellent for insulation due to its foam filling. Something to consider as colder weather approaches. You can add any type of hardware as you would on a wood door and they are available in various styles to match any architectural styles. The beautiful glass design adds elegance and style to an already good looking door.

Tax Credit for an Energy Efficient Entry Door

Looking to increase your home's energy efficiency before the cold weather arrives? Your front door plays an important part in protecting your home from the elements. Replacing a drafty front door is a great way to save energy costs. And there is no better time than NOW. You may receive up to $1,500 in federal tax credits for qualified energy efficiency improvements under the government's Economic Stimulus plan. Most of Feather River Door's Exterior Doors are Energy Star qualified in all 50 states and will qualify for the 2009/2010 Tax Credit. Here are a few examples: Preston Craftsman Rectangle Door in Light OakMedina Fanlite Door in Smooth WhiteSweet Iris 3/4 Lite Door in Chocolate Mahogany Silverdale 3/4 Oval Door in Medium Oak Lakewood Center Arch Door in Chocolate Mahogany All qualified doors must be installed by December 31, 2010 for this great incentive, so don't wait too long to improve your home's energy efficiency. Take advantage of the long weekend and look …

Benefits of Feather River's Fiberglass Exterior Door System

Feather River Door's Prehung Exterior Door System offers:
High performance and Durability - Sill Key System: Provides protection against jamb rot. Sill Key doesn't allow jamb bottom to sit on sub-floor or sill where it is susceptible to water damage.
Ball Bearing Hinges: Heavy duty doors are a moving item and Ball Bearing Hinges prevent door sag for longer lasting performance.
Composite Bottom Rail with Door Sweep & Composite Adjustable Threshold: For rot resistance and structural performance. Hi-Dam Composite Adjustable Threshold and Door Sweep limits air and water infiltration.
Security Lock Plate and Solid Wood Lockblock: Resistance against forced entry.Energy Efficiency - Triple Pane Glass with Safety Laminated Interior: Energy efficient, impact resistant and offers UV ray protection. Fiberglass Door with CFC Free Polyurethane Insulating Foam Core: Resists rust, rots and dents with increase in insulation and importantly, it is environmentally friendly. Increased Curb Ap…