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Feather River Doors at the Home Depot

Feather River Door Brand Page on Home Depot Website
You see it on our website and you see it on our blog. Feather River Doors is exclusively offered at the Home Depot.
What does that mean? It means you don't need to go further than our Price Solution or the Home Depot store to get the best deal for our doors. It's a One-Stop Shop. You will find our in-stock doors to purchase off the rack. Full line of our exterior, interior and patio doors are available to order.
So, if you are thinking about replacing your front door, don't hesitate any longer. Stop by your nearest Home Depot store to take a look at our doors.

Paint Your Door

Who says your door can't be unique as you are? Your door doesn't have to look like your neighbors. Add a little color and personality to your home by painting your door. Now made easy with Feather River Door's Pre-Painted Door Program!
We're excited to announce that starting June 2010, our Pre-Painted Door program will be available for our exterior door collections. Interior and Patio doors will soon follow. You can choose from 12 gorgeous colors to create a unique looking entry door that will be sure to stand out and make a statement.
You can choose to paint the exterior RockwoodDark Red to make it pop, but Chateau Brown on the inside to match your foyer. How about a Forestwood door to accent your Heartland glass? There are so many options and it is so easy! More information coming on our website soon!

Price Solution by Feather River Door

Do you have a budget? Do you want to know how much a door costs before heading to the store? Let us help you! Try Price Solution to: Browse a wide selection of doors by price rangeFind out how much a door of your liking costsGet a sense of how your new door will look at your homeSave time It's easy and simple to use. Give it a try!

Feather River Door's Inspiration Friday

Image via Lonny Magazine

Even though doors often get overlooked in home design or styling, they play a big role in setting the stage. Look forward to more inspirational images on Feather River Door Idea Gallery!

15 Lite Internal Grille French Patio Door (10 Lite also available)
1 Lite French Patio Doors
For those concerned with privacy - Mini Blinds French Patio Doors (Mini blinds are internally placed. No dusting needed).

Doors for Dad


Don't Sacrifice Light for Privacy!

6 Panel Door Door & Reeded Full Lite Sidelites (in Medium Oak) Feather River Door's Obscure Sidelight glasses offer you the answer when it comes to wanting both privacy and light. Even with a panel door, you can get natural light to brighten up the inside of your home.

HammeredReeded With privacy ratings of 7 and 8, our Hammered, Rain Fall and Reeded glasses, can be trusted to provide you and your family the privacy and protection you desire. Handcrafted by our artisans, each glass becomes obscure as unique textured appearance is given. When a passerby stops to look at your beautiful entryway, you will have a peace of mind knowing they are only looking at the beautiful piece of glass and not through it.

How to Stain Your Feather River Fiberglass Doors

Here is a great follow up to the Finish Warranty entry. Read the step by step guide on how to stain Feather River Fiberglass Doors. It is very important tostain your door within 6 months of purchase. It is moderately easy to do.

Things You'll Need:
Wood Stain
600 grit sandpaper
Low gloss or satin polyurethane

Step 1: Remove all hardware and metal pieces from the door using a screwdriver to prevent them from getting stain on them. Remove the door from the frame, if applicable, by using a screwdriver to detach the hinges located on the side of the door frame.

Step 2: Lay the door flat in a well ventilated location.

Step 3: Select a wood stain in the color of your choice. If your Feather River door faces the exterior of the house, choose an exterior grade wood stain and vice versa. You can use water-based, oil-based or gel stains.

Step 4: Wipe down the entire surface of the Feather River door with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Allow the door to sit for fiv…

Torino Collection Exterior Doors

Torino Wrought Iron Full Lite Door & Sidelites in Medium Oak with a Half Round Transom Our Torino Collection exterior doors add a touch of the Mediterranean lifestyle to your home with the distinctive look of wrought iron. They create a grand entrance for any home. Our Torino collection comes in many different glass styles and wood finishes, offering you more options to create your perfect entryway.

Jewel-like Glass

Sweet Iris Designer Collection
Pink Lacey Designer Collection
Our hand crafted glasses distinguish Feather River doors from the rest. Each piece of glass is individually handled through an intense process to create a beveled-glass facets like fine crystal. Decorative camings are hand molded into place to accentuate the gentle curves and lines. Together, they truly create a unique piece of glass that resembles a jewel. It is so striking in person, it might just take your breath away.

Beauty of Reflective Glass

Atherton Zinc Full Lite Door & Sidelites with a Half Round Transom Imagine walking into a golden glow whenever you step into your home. It is embracing, warm and welcoming.

Our reflective glass used in Silverdale and Atherton glass collection casts a golden glow of sunshine during the day. At night, it glistens against the porch lights. It is hard to miss and adds value to your home. Not only is it marvelous to look at, it also prevents someone from seeing through due to the mirror effect. Another benefit is temperature control by reflecting heat as well. Privacy, heat control and beauty is what you can expect from our doors with reflective glass. Take a closer look next time a house grabs your attention. It just may be our doors.

Finish Warranty on Feather River Doors

Feather River Doors are hand stained to achieve a unique look and a real-wood appearance. Our doors come with a 2 year Finish Warranty, however natural appearance of the doors are best kept when a coat of polyurethane with UV inhibitors are applied every 2-3 years depending on the amount of exposure. All stained doors come with a polyurethane top coat with UV inhibitors. It is easy to forget so make a note in your calendar.

Visit our website for more information on Finishing and Care & Maintenance.

Entry Door Basics

Your front door makes a statement about your home. It's the first things a visitor sees. Not only does a beautiful entry door boost your home's curb appeal, it also makes everyone feel welcome at your house. Aside from aesthetics, it has to be durable to function well throughout the years.
There are three types of doors: Wood, Fiberglass and Steel.
Wood doors are naturally warm and elegant. However, they're best used in shielded entryways or else, they rot.
Steel doors are cheaper than other door materials, but they're easily dented and don't exude warmth.
Fiberglass doors have many of the benefits that wood and steel doors offer. It is most durable, energy efficient and practical for high-traffic entrances. They resist dents, cracks, rotting and rust. Fiberglass doors give the appearance of a real wood door and change very little due to the weather.
Add a beautiful decorative glass to it and your door will bring in more natural light and create an entrance everyon…