Some tips to help your home with the Summer temps...

Summer is here!  Temperatures can get extreme so here are some simple tips to help reduce your cooling costs and make your home more energy efficient…

- Upgrade your doors and windows to ones that use energy efficient materials like Low-E glass and are ENERGY STAR® certified. The initial cost of energy efficient products will be worth it and end up saving you money in the long run.  Did you know Feather River doors use energy efficient materials and most of our doors are ENERGY STAR certified? 

- Things as simple as reducing the flow of air leakage throughout your house can help save costs on air conditioning. Locking your doors and windows when they’re shut sometimes helps to tighten their seal, reducing draft leaks. Also, make sure all sealing caulk and weather-stripping is in good shape. Hint: if you can see a crack of light under your door, it might be time to replace the door sweep and weather-stripping.

- Use a ceiling fan if you have one. A ceiling fan can cool a room by a few degrees in ideal conditions. Running the fan along with air conditioning will help improve air circulation as well.

- Doing something as easy as blocking direct sunlight using curtains or blinds can also reduce heat gain and help your rooms stay cooler.

- Be advantageous with natural ventilation by opening windows and doors particularly if you live in a climate with frequent natural breezes or cool evenings.  


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