Why Choose Fiberglass?

Why Choose Fiberglass?

With so many options in the market, making a decision on what type of door to buy can quickly become a daunting task. We get it, this is not a decision to make without plenty of information. A new front door can completely revamp the look of your home, it is where you will welcome guests in, wave goodbye to the little ones off to school, and open and close countless times as you live and enjoy life. You want something that looks great and fits your style but that will be durable and low maintenance. The great news is that technology has made it easier for us to build high-quality products with all of the advantages we want and none of those undesirable limitations.

In today's door market, there is no greater material available than fiberglass. Fiberglass offers homeowners all of the great benefits of wood: a warm rich look and timeless appeal without the rotting, rusting or denting.

Fiberglass doors are the leading choice for customers over traditional wood and steel doors, and it's easy to see why. Fiberglass doors can be built to mimic wood, some options like our Teak, Mahogany, and Oak Woodgrain finish style doors offer you such a close resemblance to real wood grain that it would be hard to tell the difference! The best part is that choosing fiberglass means we lessen our impact on the environment.

Take a look below for a comparison of three popular door material options: 


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