Our energy efficient doors and glass can help keep you warm during this cold season

Winter weather is upon us...  Our doors are and glass are energy efficient to help keep you warm during these cold months.  All Feather River Fiberglass Doors are energy efficient and designed to stand up to all seasons so your home stays warm during the winter months (and cool during the summer).  Imagine the savings from a fiberglass door which is up to five times more energy efficient than a traditional wood door. 

–Injected Polyurethane Foam Core:  Up to 5 times more energy efficient than wood, is 100% CFC Free (Environmentally Friendly), and has superior density.

–Triple pane insulated decorative glass

Foam compression weatherstrips help seal out drafts

High Performance Lite Frame with Triple Pane Decorative Glass 
Polyurethane Foam Core

Feather River proudly offers ENERGY STAR certified door models in all 50 states. 

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