Customize Your Door with Confidence

The ability to customize is crucial to make your door a 'one-of-a-kind' for your home. What makes this easier is having a tool to show you what the door and glass options are and how your home will look with the door of your choice. 

Door Builder is a tool that lets you look through all the door and glass design options and allows you to try them on a house style similar to yours. It simplifies the customization process by taking you on a one-by-one process; size and configuration requirements, door styles, glass design to options. With a 'home view' function, it will show you how your customized door will look on a house. 

There is a Door Builder for whatever type of door you are looking for: exteriorentryinterior and patio doors. Give it a try to see how fun and easy it is to customize with confidence.

Entryway view:

Curbside view: 

If you need assistance during your use, our customer service representative are easily accessible with a click of  a 'Chat' button or by phone.  


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