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Thinking about Home Improvement?

Image from This Old House
A new year has many of us thinking about goals and resolutions.

If home improvement or adding curb appeal to your home is on the list, take a look at these Best Curb Appeal Before and After 2010 photos for inspiration.

Even a small change like a painted exterior door can make your house pop and stand out.

Simple Way to Choose Feather River Door

Feather River Craftsman Exterior Door with Rain fall Full Lite Sidelite in Smooth
Sometimes, some know exactly what type of door you're looking for, while some know what door they want when they see it. Feather River Door has many options, yet make it a simple process to view all of the options.
Go to our Door Builder (Exterior Door, Interior Door and Patio Door) and choose through the finish, size, glass designs and more. If you don't like it, you can always start over.
When you see the door you like, all you have to do is print out your copy and take it to your nearest The Home Depot store.

Keep Warm...

Did you know a fiberglass door can be five time more energy efficient than a traditional wood door? Imagine the savings in not only your heating bills, but for the planet.
The energy efficiency comes from the 100% CFC free polyurethane foam which is environmentally friendly and known for providing great insulation. Additionally, Feather River fiberglass exterior doors use foam compression weatherstrip and double bubble four fin bottom sweep to seal out drafts.
So, have yourself a warm winter with Feather River Exterior Doors.

Interior Doors for Holiday Gifts

Feather River Privacy Interior Door
Feather River Multi Chord Interior Door

Feather River Office Interior Door

If you know someone who has a home business or an office, a new door might be an unexpected gift that he/she will not only appreciate, but love! Our interior doors come in many styles that fit different type of offices - formal, relaxed or creative. Take a look at our Privacy or Themed interior door collection and see for yourself.

Holiday Cheer Starts At Your Front Door

Holidays are right around the corner! While you decorate your home by setting up the Christmas tree and interior decorations, it is the front door that guests will see first as they come and go during the season.
Your entry door sets the tone for the holidays more than any other time of the year. Take a look at some of these fun ideas for decoration inspiration.
Red door is inviting and cheerful anytime of the year. It's especially festive during the holidays with just little lighting! (If your front door is in need of a update, check out our Pre-Paint program).
Paper Poinsettia Wreath
Wreath made of present boxes
Golden wreath
Pine cones with glitter looks nice tied up on the door handle or a knocker.
Images from Martha Stewart.

Fiberglass Entry Door is the Way to Go

Feather River Door's fiberglass door painted in Rookwood Shutter Green
If you're considering between steel, wood or fiberglass front door for your home, but aren't sure which material to choose, here is an independent consumer report that you will find helpful. The benefits of fiberglass is clear.

Consider fiberglass first: Steel doors account for about half the market, competing with fiberglass and wood. Considering price, wear and tear, and maintenance, fiberglass makes a very practical choice for most people. As a class, fiberglass doors edge out steel doors for wear and tear... Wood doors generally didn't do quite as well as fiberglass or steel at keeping out heavy rain.

... We found that steel doors show the effects of wear and tear more than wood or fiberglass do. That's important to keep in mind if you're ready to replace the front door to enhance your home's curb appeal.

Composite Jamb System for your Entry Door

Did you know Feather River Door offers Composite Jamb System?

Made from thermoplastic resins, not only does it resist rotting, it is also energy efficient, low maintenance and durable. It never needs painting and with a snap-in brickmold, there will be no unsightly fasteners needed. It provides extra protection for your door and less maintenance for you.

They are available in 4-9/16" & 6-9/16" in white. More information can be found on page 11 of our Exterior door catalog.