Additional Mahogany Door Glass Designs

Additional glass designs have been added to our Mahogany Collection!

Classic Collection
Brilliant Star (center arch) + Sidelite (center arch)
The General (center arch) + Sidelite (cente arch & full lite)
Atherton (center arch) + Sidelite (center arch)
Torino (3/4 oval & center arch) + Sidelites (3/4 oval & center arch)

Designer Collection

Sweet Iris (3/4 lite) + Sidelite (3/7 lite) + Transom (rectangular)
Peacock (3/4 lite) + Sidelite (full & 3/4 lite) + Transom (half round)
Cosmopolis (3/4 lite) + Sidelite (3/4 lite)
Prairie (3/4 lite) + Sidelite (3/4 lite)

Our decorative glasses' distinctive character sets us apart from others as each piece of glass is individually handled by our expert team of artisans and craftsmen. Our fiberglass mahogany doors carries unique detail of real wood door and come in beautiful cherry and chocolate finishes.
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